Subreports 1.1

Picking up from the last article we are ready to build our subreport.

Again, building a subreport is just like building a report. I’ll go quickly through the steps since most of it has been covered in previous articles (links the the corresponding articles are included below). One difference is that we will only want to see the summary rows and not the details.

  • Click on the Print Date field and press the delete key on your keyboard.
  • Click the Group Expert button and group by the Fund Description field.
  • Insert the Gift Amount field in the Details section.
  • Right-click on the Gift Amount field and insert a summary for Group #1.
  • Click and drag the Gift Amount summary field from Group Footer #1 to Group Header #1, adjacent to the Fund Description group header field.

Since we only want to see the summary information we need to hide the Details section. In the right side of the window right-click on the word “Details” and select Hide. This will change the Details section from white to shaded (or slashes throughout).

If you preview the report now you will see a blank row between each summary row.

Remove the blank rows by hiding the Group Footer #1 following the same steps we used above to hide the details section. Save the report and return to the Preview tab of the main report. If you are following along with the sample data the beginning of your report should look something like this (I also removed the bold font):

Congrats on creating your first subreport! In the next article we will take a look at linked subreports.