Adding Fields to Your Report

It’s time to add fields to our report but first there’s a little setup we should do so you and I are on the same page (and screen).

In the upper left you should see two tabs, Design and Preview.  For this article we will be adding fields to the Design tab so click that tab.  It should look something like this:


Next let’s make sure you have the Field Explorer on the right (or left, or bottom, up to you) of your screen:

If it’s not there click on the View menu (toward the top of your scren) and then select Field Explorer.
Now let’s take another look at our mock-up:ReportMockup_Page_1

First we’ll add the constituent name field.  In the Field Explorer, double-click the Database Fields header which will show a list of tables in your data file.  Then double-click the GfCnBio table header which will show a list of fields in that table.


A quick side note: don’t worry too much about the table names right now.  They might look like another language but the more reports you do the more you’ll get used to them.  Eventually it will be easy to figure out which table is which and you’ll be able to find fields quickly.  You might have already figured out the GfCnBio table name.  It starts with Gf because we used a gift export, then CnBio for constituent biographical information.  As you do more reports you’ll start to see the same tables over and over.

Anyway, back to placing the constituent name on theScreenshotrect
report.  Click on the GfCbBio_Name field and drag (hold down the mouse button while moving the mouse) the field over to the design tab.  You should see a rectangle attached to your mouse cursor as you drag the field over.

 Drop (let go of the mouse button) the field in the Details section (I’ll go into more details about each section as we use them).  You should see something like this:


headerIn addition to adding the field in the details section the report should have also automatically added the header for that field.  If it didn’t, open the File menu (upper left) then select Options.  Then, on the Layout tab, check the box for “Insert Detail Field Headings.”  

Clicking the Preview tab (or pressing F5) will show the report with a list of names.  Any duplicates you have in your list of names is due to constituents that have given multiple times.  Don’t worry about these for now, we’ll take care of them later.  

Repeat the same steps to add gift date (Gf_Date), fund description (GfFnds_1_Description) and gift amount (Gf_Amount), placing them next to each other in the details section.  (The gift amount itself isn’t on the mockup but we will use it later when creating the cash and pledge fields/columns.)  Your report should look similar to this (I’m using data from the RE sample database):sampledata

This is a good place to pause and save your report.  I’m sure you can see plenty of issues with the report (strange headers, date format, duplicates, etc.) so in the next article we’ll clean it up a bit and fix some of the formatting.