Crystal Reports Track

I’ll use this page to list and link to all the articles in the Crystal Reports track. You can use this page to follow the track and learn Crystal Reports in order, or you can use it as a reference and go directly to the article(s) that will help you with a specific topic.  You can also click on the Crystal Reports category link to show all the articles in this category (although they will only appear in date order).

I plan to write and post articles in some sort of logical order, but please feel free to ask questions or suggest topics and I’ll be glad to write about it sooner and out of order.

Thanks for reading!  I hope you find it helpful.

  1. Bigfoot of the Black(baud) Forest – An introduction to this Crystal Reports track
  2. Canned Reports: The Level Before the Next Level – For those Raiser’s Edge users that have never heard of Crystal Reports
  3. Crystal Reports: The Beginning.  It’s Where You Should Start
  4. Raiser’s Edge Query and Crystal Reports
  5. Raiser’s Edge Export and Crystal Reports
  6. Linking Your Report and Data
  7. Adding Fields to Your Report
  8. Cleaning up Fields
  9. Get Organized: Grouping, Sorting and Totals – Part 1
  10. Get Organized: Grouping, Sorting and Totals – Part 2
  11. Formulas 1.0

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  1. Do you offer or recommend any Crystal Reports training that goes beyond what Blackbaud offers? I’ve taken their course but would like to go further in areas like variables, SQL statements, linking data, etc.

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