5 thoughts on “Crystal Reports: The Beginning. It

  1. Another visual, helpful tool, at a report meeting is for the person needing the report to give you an Excel spreadsheet of what they would like the report to contain and in what order. That is if they or someone who works with them knows Excel – then the designer can ask the same questions above to clarify. After this basic layout, other design elements can be added in Crystal – like the report header, a logo, a footer that can contain a Print Date/Time code field, and Page # of # Special Codes. Also asking the frequency of how they want to process the report, can determine if a Parameter formula is needed to give the report processor the ability to enter a Start and End Date to the report.

  2. Hi! Great post, however, the only change I would make is, bring a pencil to the meeting, not a Sharpie! Or erasable pen, you know, or white out.

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