Never Too Early for a BBCon List

BBCon 2017 is only two months away!  I’m always excited to attend but this year will be different because it will be the first time in four years that I am not presenting.  So instead of spending hours and hours preparing for my presentation(s) I can instead spend that time deciding which sessions I am interested in attending.  Here’s what I have so far along with some recommendations.

But first, let’s give a big thanks to the BBCon 2017 sponsors!  Thank you!

Also, any BBCon list would be incomplete without including Bill Connors’ sessions.  Unfortunately, for what I believe is the first time in over twenty years, he will not be at BBCon this year.  It won’t be the same without him and he will definitely be missed. #NoBillBBCon

Okay, enough with the housekeeping (and tears).  I now present to you… a list!

  • Big Data, Fundraising, and Unicorns – Steve MacLaughlin (be sure to buy his book Data Driven Nonprofits) and Mark Stuart
    • Unicorns!  ‘Nuff said.
  • Everything presented by Chuck Longfield
    • The ROI of Sustainer Giving: Findings for Financial and Executive Leaders
      • Chuck is the “nation’s leading source on sustainer best practices”
    • Trends in U.S. Philanthropy: Assessing the Current Fundraising Landscape
    • Are You Realizing Your Fundraising Potential? – with Anthony Tomaino
  • Data and the Ask: Creative Portfolio Management – Ed Hohlbein
    • Ed is a wonderful presenter and will definitely keep you awake during his mid-afternoon session.
  • Connecting Raiser’s Edge NXT to the Outside World with SKY API – David Zeidman
    • David knows his stuff, especially when it has to do with API.  I always attend his sessions, but mostly just to listen to his awesome accent.
  • Customer Panel: Real Results from Raiser’s Edge NXT Customers
    • It’s always great to hear from a panel of users just like yourself.
  • Flipping the Switch: Integrating Raiser’s Edge and Financial Edge – Sandy Wilder
    • If your organization has Raiser’s Edge and Financial Edge you should attend Sandy’s session.  Even if you have nothing to do with the integration it is always good to be familiar with it.  I guarantee you’ll be asked about it at some point.
  • Fundraising with Raiser’s Edge NXT – 10 Modern Updates to Bill Connors’ Guide to Successful Fundraising – Jarod Bonino and Makenzie Keller
    • This is a great idea for a session!
  • Stand Out and Raise More with Great Donor Experiences – Maureen Wallbeoff (Firefly Partners)
    • Firefly Partners has done some great work at some of my former organizations so I’m sure Maureen will have lots of fabulous examples to show.

These are just some of the 200+ sessions at BBCon, all of which will be amazing.  Are there any sessions you are excited about?  Are you presenting this year?  Let us know in the comments below.