Just Another BBCon List

Well, here in Denver the one week of autumn has come and gone, football is back and I’m eating more than a bear getting ready for hibernation.  All of this is a clear sign that BBCon is fast approaching and that means it’s time for a list!

First, here’s one from David Zeidman (which inspired me to create my own).  Still waiting for one from Omatic Software.  Hint hint Jeff.

Here’s my totally random and biased list of sessions that you should attend:

  • Anything and everything presented by
    • Steve MacLaughlin – buy and read his new book Data Driven Nonprofits and bring it with you.  Maybe he will sign it for you.
      • 50 Fascinating Philanthropy Stats
      • Big Idea: Harnessing Big Data to Fund Your Mission and Achieve It
      • Data-Driven Nonprofits
    • Bill Connors – Not only would I attend all of Bill’s presentations I would also follow him around the entire time and listen to his conversations… only if it wouldn’t get me arrested.
      • Raiser’s Edge NXT: Moving to and Mastering the Next Generation of RE
      • Bill and Ed’s Excellent Adventure in Raiser’s Edge
      • Have your cake and eat it, too!  A Raiser’s Edge NXT and Salesforce.com Integration Customer Success Story (this one wins the award for Longest Session Title)
    • Chuck Longfield
      • Sustainer Best Practices from the Nation’s Leading Nonprofits (also from the nation’s leading source on sustainer best practices!)
    • Mary Beth Westmoreland
      • Our Path Forward
  • Can you Stump the Raiser’s Edge Community – Holly Herbert, Jen Claudy and Amy Barker
    • This is such a great idea for a session!  Who is the genius that came up with this one?  The Raiser’s Edge Community is to Raiser’s Edge as Neil Tyson Degrasse is to astrophysics, whatever the heck that is. Amy Barker has attended all of my BBCon sessions so she obviously knows her stuff.
  • If It’s Not in Raiser’s Edge It Didn’t Happen – Bailey Benzle
    • I honestly have no idea who Bailey is but she works for Omatic Software so she must be great. I’m sure we can all relate to the subject too.

That’s all for now, I need to go eat.  I know I left out a lot so let me know which other sessions should be on the list.  Thanks!