The Officially Unofficial Blackbaud Users Group meeting

I can’t think of a better way to start my new blog than by writing about last week’s Officially Unofficial Blackbaud Users Group (TOUBUG) meeting.  First, thank you…

  • Omatic Software – There wouldn’t have been a meeting without their sponsorship.  There wouldn’t have been lunch either.  Special thanks to Caroline and Jeff.  Amazing company with amazing people.  They should really open an office in Denver.
  • Lebertech Technology Solutions – There wouldn’t have been a Google Hangout or networking happy hour without Rebel and Marie.  With everything else Rebel has going on (and he has a lot going on) he still made sure things went as planned.
  • Blackbaud – Thanks to Allston and Derek for trekking all the way out to Denver and presenting at the meeting.  Also thanks for the yummy breakfast.
  • Traci & Regis Jesuit High School – Traci’s enthusiasm for this event was amazing.  I’m sure if she wasn’t involved I would have dropped the entire idea of having this meeting in the first place.  Also, thank you to everyone that helped Traci prepare for and run the event.  I’ll be sure to get in touch when I need help planning my wedding.
  • YOU – The meeting would have very boring if I was the only one there.  Thank you to everyone that attended, shared information with your peers and ate all that food.  Remember: there is no TOUBUG without U!

I started the Denver Raiser’s Edge Users Group (DREUG) three years ago and we have been meeting about three times a year ever since.  It’s amazing to see how the group has grown.  Seeing everyone at the event freely sharing information and helping each other is what this is all about.  Organizing this meeting was a lot of work and it was well worth it.  I hope you found the meeting beneficial and I have already started to plan the next one.

Here are the slides from Allston and Derek’s Blackbaud presentation:
Slide Library for Sales_RE Enhancements_FINAL

There is a survey for the meeting but please feel free to also leave feedback here about the meeting.  Thank you!

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  1. I really enjoyed the event and hearing what others had to say. Josh you always out do yourself to make these Colorado user groups stay connected. Thanks, Mary

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