1,899 Days Later…

Time certainly flies when you’re working your bum off. It’s been 1,899 days since I set out to share everything I know about Crystal Reports (check out the first article here). Since then I have changed jobs, changed homes (twice), got married and have lost a lot of hair (not because I got married).

It has also been 293 days since my last article (seen here). It’s finally time to finish the report we started over five years ago. Take a look at the last article to see where we left off with the report. I have made some changes since then:
– removed the Gift Amount column
– added the Pledge Amount column
– set the currency symbol to show once per page and in the fixed location
– added summary amounts for the cash and pledge columns

Just a few more changes and we’ll be all done. Let’s start by suppressing the zero amounts. Right-click on the Gift Amount field in the Pledge Amount column. This will open the format editor, which we have seen before. Select the Number tab, then click the Customize button. On the Custom Style window that opens you will see a checkbox for “Suppress if Zero.” Check that checkbox and click the OK button to close the Custom Style window. Then click OK again to close the Format Editor. You will see that the zero amounts have been removed from the Pledge Amount column. Follow the same steps for removing the zeros from the Cash Gift Amount column.

I like to add a line above the subtotals and a double-line above the grand totals. Right-click on any subtotal field in the Cash Gift Amount column and select Format Field. On the Border tab, change the Top line style to Single. Click the OK button to close the Format Editor. Repeat these steps to apply a top line to the Pledge Amount subtotals and the two grand totals on the last page of the report (select Double line for grand totals). Your totals should look like this:

Congratulations! We finally made it. Sure, there are still some things we can add and tweak (i.e. adding your organization name to the top of the report would be nice) but let’s call this one done and move on to other report examples. Let me know what you would like to learn about next.

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